Care for Temporary Bridges and Crowns

The temporary bridge/crown that you are leaving with today is made of acrylic and is cemented in place with temporary cement for easy removal. During the time that you have your temporary bridge/ crown there are certain things of which you need to be aware:

  • Avoid crunchy, sticky and hard foods (no nuts, caramels, gum etc…).

  • Even if there is some discomfort or bleeding, gently floss and brush everyday.

  • When flossing, pull the floss through to the gum like normal. Floss both surfaces and let go of one end pulling the floss all the way through sideways. Do not pull the floss back up or down to remove it; this could cause the temporary to fall out.

  • Do not worry if cold liquids and air may cause discomfort as may brushing. Sometimes a very small amount of the tooth structure is exposed at the gum line which will be covered by the long term bridge/crown.

  • If your temporary bridge/ crown should become loose, break or come out, please call our office as soon as possible. If it should break, please save the pieces. It is usually easier to repair than it is to start over.

Your temporary serves several purposes and is important to maintain. It protects the tooth from fluids, food and air. It also maintains the space relationship to adjoining teeth as well as protects the gum tissue.

It is not unusual for the temporary to discolor at times; however, the permanent bridge/crown will not.