Care of Infant Obturators and Feeding Aids

The purpose of this prosthesis is threefold. The most important is that the dental arches will remain in better alignment, which will result in a more favorable surgical result when the lip and palate are surgically closed. Secondly, you will probably find that your baby will be able to feed more easily. Thirdly, the prosthesis will help protect the nasal structures from irritation.

The prosthesis is made by making an impression of your baby’s mouth, which duplicates the dental arches.

  • When placing the prosthesis, place a small amount of adhesive in each arch of the prosthesis, position in baby’s mouth and then hold it in place for 30 seconds to a minute to help the adhesive stick.
  • The prosthesis needs to be removed at least once a day for cleaning. A stiff toothbrush or denture brush works well for this. Also, clean the adhesive off your baby’s gums with a cotton tip.
  • Your baby should wear the prosthesis all day and all night.
  • Occasionally a sore spot will develop. If this occurs, please call the office to schedule an appointment to adjust the obturator. 

If you do not see the obturator in your baby’s mouth, look around the area the baby has been in. Occasionally the obturator will come loose, but it cannot be swallowed due to its size.

The obturator does have to be remade occasionally because as your baby grows, they outgrow the obturator. You will know this because it will become difficult to keep in place. Generally, the first remake is about four months of age.