Instructions for Fluoride Carriers

This program has been developed specifically to prevent oral complications in patients who receive radiation therapy to the head and neck area. It must be done everyday for the rest of your life, even while away from home for only a day.

The radiation therapy you received has reduced the amount of saliva your mouth is able to produce. Lack of saliva will cause decay and make the teeth more sensitive to heat or cold, sweet or sour. The use of fluoride will help prevent this decay and decrease the sensitivity of the teeth.

In addition, radiation therapy decreases the blood supply to the bony portions of the dental arches and makes them more susceptible to bone breakdown. It also inhibits the ability of the jawbone to heal. For this reason it is recommended that you have NO extractions of teeth which were in the field of radiation.

  1. Brush and floss teeth before bedtime.
  2. Load one drop of fluoride into each tooth space of carrier.
  3. Place loaded carrier in mouth and wear for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with second carrier. Carriers can both be used at the same time if desired.
  5. After using both carriers expectorate (spit-out) contents in mouth.
  6. Rinse carriers with cool water and place in case provided.
  7. Try not to eat, drink or rinse your mouth for thirty minutes.
  8. Repeat above steps each and every night FOREVER!
  9. Keep carriers away from sunlight to prevent distortion. Your carriers will discolor with age.